Nursing Home Abuse

Sadly, senior citizens all too often suffer abuse, neglect and exploitation in nursing homes, elder-care facilities, as well as by their own families. Such “Nursing Home and Elder Abuse” commonly refers to:

  • Bedsores and skin ulcers
  • Physical abuse, physical injures or pain, or broken bones
  • Sexual abuse—non-consensual sexual contact of any kind
  • Psychological or emotional anguish, including humiliation, intimidation, or threats
  • Exploitation of resources of an elderly individual for another’s financial or material gain without their consent

Caretaker neglect such as failure to provide food, goods or services in order to avoid physical and mental harm, such as denial of health services, food and/or abandonment.

Victims typically are frail and not able to help themselves. This makes them vulnerable, and often must seek outside assistance to meet their basic needs.

If you believe someone is being neglected in a nursing care facility, then there is a chance fellow residents are also under threat from this neglect. Due to the widespread issue of elder abuse, all 50 state legislatures have passed various laws preventing elder abuse. An important first step in protecting the elderly is having knowledge of abuse warning signs. For example, residents of care facilities may sustain physical injuries from abuse, such as bruised or broken bones. In some instances, neglect can led to dehydration and malnutrition in addition to infections that can arise from untreated bedsores.

At The Berkman Law Office, LLC, we will investigate to determine if the State and Federal standards of care are being met. We will help you to protect your friend or relative and vigorously seek to obtain compensation for the harm caused to them by neglect, negligence or inhumane treatment.

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