Sexual Harassment

The Berkman Law Office, LLC is on the cutting edge of sexual harassment law. As a woman-owned business, we are uniquely attuned to these issues. One of our attorneys was a member of the legal team representing the first female trader on the commodities exchange when she was subjected to years of sexual harassment—and was ultimately severely injured when male traders shoved her trying to block her from trading.

Sexual harassment is against the law. You do not have to put up with it. 

If you are subjected to unwanted attention from co-workers or superiors because of how you look or dress or because of your gender or sexual orientation, you may be the victim of sexual harassment. We can help you put a stop to unwanted physical or verbal harassment at your office. 

If you are being sexually harassed do not quit your job before consulting with us. We will write the employer to explain what is happening to you and demand that the company put a stop to the objectionable conduct. If you wish to leave the company because you can no longer stand it, we will seek to negotiate a severance agreement that allows you to turn the corner with dignity and a settlement that allows you to continue to enjoy your standard of living while obtaining other employment.

The law says the employer cannot fire you or otherwise punish you for complaining about sexual harassment. If you are fired or otherwise punished for complaining, our attorneys are prepared to aggressively pursue your claims against your employer in court to protect your rights and to seek compensation for lost wages and your pain and suffering.

Many victims may not realize how subtle sexual harassment can be. Sexual harassment cases often involve issues pertaining to:

  • Sexual innuendo
  • Sexual advances
  • Sexual jokes
  • Sexual intimidation
  • Sexism in the office
  • unwanted physical contact
  • threats or promises of benefit for sex

It is important to understand that with the help of an attorney experienced with handling sexual embarrassment claims you may be able to take action against the co-worker or supervisor that violated your rights and may be able to better protect yourself and others against harmful actions in the workplace.

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