Construction Accidents

Construction sites can be very dangerous places. They are filled with heavy equipment. Heavy construction materiel is often being hoisted and stacked. A construction site can have multiple constructions crews working simultaneously poring cement, installing plumbing and electric wiring, and doing carpentry work. Welding sparks fly, people climb up and down ladders and scaffolds, supplies are raised and lowered, power tools are in use, and there is always pressure to work faster. Workers are constantly expose to risks of falls, being hit with falling objects, burns, crush injuries, and myriad other risks.

In New York the construction site is also a very well protected space from a legal perspective. Construction workers enjoy workers’ compensation benefits to pay for their medical treatment and lost wages, and in many cases can also bring a lawsuit against those responsible for their injuries to recover their pain and suffering damages. New York’s Labor Law section 240—one of the most progressive construction worker protection statutes in the country—allows a worker injured in a fall or by a falling object to recover from the owner of the property and the general contractor, who are after all best positioned to make sure that construction sites are safe.

Often construction site accident cases involve multiple contractors and sub-contractors each pointing fingers at the other trying to shift blame for the accident to someone else. We at The Berkman Law Office, LLC strive to keep the Court’s focus on our client, the injured worker and get the best recovery.

We at The Berkman Law Office, LLC are very proud that one of our attorneys was a member of the legal team that recovered a $44 million verdict on a construction accident case—the highest verdict in New York for a construction accident case.

The Berkman Law Office, LLC has been handling construction accident cases for almost 60 years. Whatever the particulars of your accident, you can be sure that we will be able to guide you down the best path to resolve your claim.

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