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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I Don't Know How I Did It

By: Marna Berkman 
Originally written in September 2011.

Last week, I snuck out of my office for a Monday matinee showing of I Don’t Know How She Does It with Sarah Jessica Parker. I say that I “snuck” out of the office because running a busy Brooklyn law firm and being the mother of six children below the age of 12 leaves little time for anything, much less seeing a movie legitimately. For that matter, it is also hard to read a book legitimately—a few years and a few children ago my sister sent me the pink hardcover novel that the movie is based on and I toted it back and forth to court and on vacation for months, never having time to read more than a page here and two pages there. I rationalized my mid-day matinee frolic by telling myself that the film was playing almost directly across from my office on Livingston Street—surely a sign that I deserved a two hour break.

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